Product Compatibility Matrix
P1260 P1290 P1900     Voltage Current Power
X X     C134 +12V 5A 60W
X X     C136 +12V 5A 60W
    X   C137-90 +19V 4.73A 90W
    X   C137-120 +19V 6.32A 120W
    X   C138-90 +19V 4.73A 90W
    X   C138-120 +19V 6.32A 120W
X X     C150 +12V 5A 60W
X X     C158-60 +12V 5A 60W
    X   C158-90 +19V 4.73A 90W
    X   C158-120 +19V 6.32A 120W
        Morex Cubid      
X X     2677 +12V 5A 60W
X X     2688 +12V 5A 60W
X X     2699 +12V 5A 60W
X X     3677 +12V 5A 60W
    X***   P4-3677 +17V 7A 120W
X X     3688 +12V 5A 60W
    X***   P4-3688 +17V 7A 120W
X X     3699 +12V 5A 60W
    X***   P4-3699 +17V 7A 120W
    X   Mac mini +18.5V 4.6A 85W
X* X*     S300 +12V   ?
X* X*     S310 (fanless) +12V   ?
X* X*     S320 +12V   ?
X** X**     S350 +12V   84W
X** X**     S615 +12V   84W
    X*   S620 +19V   ?
X X     S625 +12V   60W
X X     S625F(fanless) +12V   60W
X X     MP-SC3 +12V   60W
        MP-FL8 +12V   ?
    X   MP-SC8 +19V   100W
    X   MP-TX1 +18V 3.2A 57W
        MP-LT1 ? ? ?
    X   e3 +18V 3.2A 57W
    X   e5 +20V 6A 90W
    X   e7 +20V 6A 120W
    X   e7j +20V 6A 120W
X X     TC10000 +12V 5A 60W
  X     TC6000 +12V 5A 60W
    X   LV671 +19V 3-5A 60-100W
X* The manufacturer does not state max power required.
X** The manufacturer's stated maximum power exceeds the CarNetix product max power and may not work under all load conditions.
X*** The P1900 output is +18V instead of +17V
- Sumicom and Xenarc PCs typically require soldering of ACPI wires to the power switch to use the CarNetix shutdown controller
- Information is based on manufacturers published specifications.
- Commell main board power depends upon processor selected