Keep Your CarPC Cool!!

I just finished running 1" vinyl tubing from my AC vent in the dash, along the side of the center console (concealed by the console cover) into my center console "glove box" where I have my Travla C134 mounted along with an XMPCR receiver and DC-DC PSU. I have a Sequoia so the console has quite a bit of room. I also added a +12V fan underneath the box which pulls air out the bottom and blows into the passenger area (no noise tho).

Result? Before the AC fix the C134 would heat up to 70+degC (CPU temp. read with Motherboard Monitor) within about 10 minutes. Now, it hasn't exceede 52degC after 1 hour of travel. It's working very well so far.

Some people have experienced condensation problems. I'm keeping an eye out for this, but haven't noticed anything yet. It could be because I park the car in the garage at nite instead of leaving it outside.

Hope this helps!!

Here are a few pictures.

First, I had to remove a portion of the AC vent pipe that feeds the left-side driver vent (closest to the driver door). This was not all that hard since it was a "snap-together" design (good job Toyota!). After removing it, I cut a 1.5" hole with a hole saw used for installing door knobs. This hole was somewhat larger than the "Tee" pipe section that I threaded thru it. Instead of trying to cut an exact fit and making things air tight, I used a piece of foam rubber cut like a doughnut and put the T thru the middle. I then pushed this thru the 1.5" hole in the vent pipe. It make a perfect fit and has no leaks!

This is what it looks like installed.

I kept the bend raidus wide to prevent kinks. Here's the view from the floor near the front of the drivers seat.

I then threaded the vinyl pipe through the center console, under the carpeting. There was plenty of room in the Sequoia.

After replacing the console cover, everything is pretty well hidden.

I then replaced the glove box that houses the CarPC and ran the vinyl tube into the center of the box (had to cut a hole in the center). You can see the 12V fan I added. I spliced it into the IGN wire so that it's on when the CarPC is on. You can also see that I measured once and cut once, instead of measuring twice and cuting once. I will add some mesh to cover the fan...eventually.

This is a picture of everything in place....the C134, CNX-P1260, and the cooling pipe! Everything has stayed cool so far. We have a 6 hour road trip coming up soon. That will be the real test.