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High Quality DC-DC Regulators for the CarComputer Market

CarNetix is a manufacturer of high quality products for the Telematics and Automotive Infotainment (CarComputer) markets. We design, manufacture, and market leading edge hardware and software products that address some of the more stringent requirements in the emerging CarComputer electronics marketplace. We are the market leader for DC-DC regulators used to power both CarPCs and well as CarMacs (Mac mini).

Our mission is to listen to our customers, be responsive to their needs, and provide the best products and services available. We are deeply committed to quality and are focused on excellence in engineering and customer service.

       Beta release of USB-based ACPI control...

                       Release of Software Devleopment Kit for the P2140 (4/11/07)


The CNX-P2140 185+Watt Dual-output Regulator with USB interface!

Includes revolutionary PSUmoniTM (Power Supply Monitor) application softare and USB connection between P2140 and your PC for real-time monitoring of voltage, current, power, and many software-controlled user settings!

The CarNetix CNX-P2140 is a new approach to providing power for car computer applications. With its built-in USB interface and the PSUmoni power supply monitor application software, you will have full visibility and control over your car computer system. You'll never again have to request a firmware change or program a PIC microprocessor since the P2140 firmware can be upgaded over the USB interface. The PSUmoni replaces your digital voltmeter (actually 3 of them) and provides a real-time readout of battery voltage, input current, input power, primary output voltage, current, power, and secondary output voltage, current, and power! Plus the P2140 gives you "soft jumpers" so that you can change any of the default timers (ie bootup lockout time, shutdown delay time, deadman timer), voltage settings (ie low battery threshold). With all of the nifty features of it predecessors (DLYON, Pulse Start, iSense, P5V compatibility, etc) the P2140 is truly a revolutionary new approach to DC-DC regulators!

The P2140 can operate in either +12V OR +24V systems, is autoranging, and requires no jumper changes to switch between +12V or +24V systems. The unit comes with chassis and variable speed fan, input/output pigtail power cables, and is backward compatible with all P1900 power cables, including MacPac and AOPac.

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Take a look at the PSUmoni2140 in action! Download these video introductions.

PSUmoni2140 Video Introduction - Part 1 (9MB)
PSUmoni2140 Video Introduction - Part 2 (4MB)

The P2140 is available now in limited quantities at selected resellers. Please contact your favorite reseller for stock.


May 2007 Popular Science How 2.0 Article

Features a Mac mini install using a CarNetix P1900

Click HERE for a link to the article


The CarNetix "AOPac" Power Cable Kit for the AOPen Pandora PC

Carnetix is pleased to announce the only "plug-and-play" power cable solution for the AOpen Pandora and your CarComputer application! The "AOPac" power cable kit connects your PC  to the CNX-CA-P1900 or CNX-P2140 DC-DC regulator to provide a quick and simple automotive installation.

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for more details.


The CarNetix "MacPac" Power Cable Kit for the Mac mini!!

Carnetix is pleased to offer  the only "plug-and-play" power cable solution for the Apple Mac mini and your CarComputer application! The "MacPac" power cable kit connects your mini to the CNX-CA-P1900 DC-DC regulator to provide a quick and simple automotive installation. You are no longer required to cut and splice your Apple AC adapter (brick). Click HERE for more details.


Compatible with the Mac mini, as well as P4 systems from several manufacturers
The CarNetix CNX-P1900 has become THE standard for DC-DC regulators for +19V systems (+18.5, +19, +20V systems). It includes a sophisticated startup/shutdown controller and provides many powerful features to keep your car computer running in a harsh automotive environment.

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MacFormat Magazine

"Mac mini Motors"

In case you missed this excellent article by Paul Douglas of MacFormat magazine, check out this link to his article from the October 2005 issue of Mac Format.


MacFormat is full of practical, authoritative and passionate advice for the Mac user. Like our readers we love the Mac and everything about it, and want to make sure you get the best out of your machine. Every month our MacFormat experts set you on the right course with the best tutorials on Mac hardware and software and reviews of the latest Mac kit. Each issue features a packed Q&A section full of answers to our readers' Mac questions, useful Mac OS X hints and more. To make sure you get more from your Mac, MacFormat brings you two CDs packed with full programs, the latest demos and updates each month.


Provides +12V@6.3 Amps for CarPC System AND +5V @ 3Amps for USB Devices

** NEW Compatibility Matrix **

CarNetix is pleased to offer the CNX-P1290 second-generation power regulator for today's Mini-ITX CarPC systems.

Read more about the CNX-P1290 HERE



Upgrade your P1900 to include a 3RD regulated (+5V) output!

Can also be used as a stand-alone Point of Load (POL) regulator

Now Shipping!
Now you can add a 3rd regulated output to your P1900! Or you can power your USB devices from a stand alone Point of Load (POL) +5V regulator with up to 3 amps of current (15 watts of power)!

The P5V 5 volt regulator lets you power your Mac mini or Travla case (+18.5V), Screen (+12V), AND SOON ... +5V USB devices with a switched power source. The P5V can provide 3+ amps for power hungry USB devices like Audigy 2NX sound card, WiFi, and GPS devices. The P5V is a "bolt-on" upgrade to the P1900 that requires no soldering. It is also controlled by the DLYON control of the P1900 so that you can safely power down your USB devices when you ignition is off. As a stand alone POL regulator, simply connect the control line to the ignition input (for switched control) or to +12V contstant for "always on" operation.

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MSRP $24.95

How to Select a Power Supply for Your CarComputer.

What's a "regulator" and why do I need one? Can the P1900 run my ATX motherboard? We have tried to answer these questions and more in our new tutorial on "How to Select a Power Supply for your CarComputer. We hope it helps you make the right choice for your system.


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